Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Maia Estianti

Who is Maia Estianti?

She also known as Maia Ahmad coz Ahmad is the last name of her damn husband, Dhani Ahmad, Ahmad Dhani or whatever...She is the mother of Al, El, and Dul.

Why I have to write something about her?
So many reasons about this:
1. she is one of celebrities in Indonesia
2. she can write and arrangement music and songs
3. she is phenomenon
4. her husband is Dhani, the number one sucks in Indonesia.

What's the purposes?
I just support her, event she is not my friend, and not my my family also.

Her blog:


rita said...

maialah wonder woman. smoga slalu menjadi inspirasi bagi perempuan2 di Indonesia tecinta untuk tetap tegar dan memberdayakan diri shg bermanfaat bagi sesama.

yuN!e said...

wanita cantik, tegar dan berjiwa besaR,
d!a mampu berdiri tegar
meski dera terus datang

inspirasi untuk wanita indonesia

Royani Liza said...

Bunda Maia wanita yang kuat, menjadi inpirasi bagi para wanita

membacayuk said...

Bunda Maia wanita yang mempunyai tingkat kesabaran yang tinggi

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